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DL-List and Torrent activity [Update пиров]
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Unity Pro 2018.4.17f1 x64 LTS Release
Год/Дата Выпуска: 2019
Версия: 2018.4.17 Build f1
Разработчик: Unity Technologies
Сайт разработчика:
Разрядность: 64bit
Язык интерфейса: Английский
Таблэтка: присутствует
Описание: Unity — межплатформенная среда разработки компьютерных игр. Unity позволяет создавать приложения, работающие под более чем 20 различными операционными системами, включающими персональные компьютеры, игровые консоли, мобильные устройства, интернет-приложения и другие. Выпуск Unity состоялся в 2005 году и с того времени идёт постоянное развитие.
Основными преимуществами Unity являются наличие визуальной среды разработки, межплатформенной поддержки и модульной системы компонентов. К недостаткам относят появление сложностей при работе с многокомпонентными схемами и затруднения при подключении внешних библиотек.
На Unity написаны сотни игр, приложений и симуляций, которые охватывают множество платформ и жанров. При этом Unity используется как крупными разработчиками, так независимыми студиями.

Release Notes


Editor: Fixed a number of bugs with single quote usage in namespace parse. (1188570)
IL2CPP: Fixed a compilation error when managed type that is defined in .winmd file appeared in native .winmd method signature.
IL2CPP: Fixed an issue where Socket.Select does not wait for timeout. (1206057)
IL2CPP: Managed types implemented in .winmd files now correctly implement needed COM interfaces when passed to native code.
IL2CPP: Marshal.SizeOf computes correct values for structs containing structs. (1201175)
iOS: Fixed a crash on CreateCppStringFromNSString when entering emoji as max character. (1198204)
iOS: Fixed an issue that stopped emojis appearing on textfields with no limit. (1214754)
iOS: Fixed an issue where SystemInfo.systemMemorySize sometimes reports Physical Memory under-report available Device Memory. (1155192)
Package Manager: Fixed crashes caused by disposing of default-constructed TransformAccessArrays. (1148324)
Profiler: Fixed an issue where Target Selection drop-down menu gets stuck on "Autoconnected Player" after failing to connect to a player. (1193777)
Profiler: Raised an argument exception if a null or empty name string is provided when beginning a profiler sample. (1205482)
SceneManager: Fixed an issue where dragging Prefabs into scenes during Play Mode incorrectly instantiating them as editor Prefab instances, which would incorrectly impose editor Prefab instance restructuring restrictions on runtime logic. (1166938)
Version Control: Fixed a crash caused by RevertTask when reverting unchanged scene. (1202758)
Web: Fixed UploadHandlerFile properties, contentType, and progress. (1197177)
XR: Added a warning when using a near clipping plan less than 0.1f with Windows Mixed Reality. This is the minimum supported value by Windows Mixed Reality. (1201928)
XR: Fixed a crash in non UWP players when serializing a Game Object with a World Anchor component. (1212118)
XR: Fixed an issue where hololens remoting connect failure once connect has failed at least 1 time. (1204419)
XR: Fixed an issue with disconnecting after exiting play mode while remoting to Hololens. (1137090)
XR: Fixed crashes when entering the play mode on the HDRP template if there is a Terrain in the scene. (1175535)
XR: Updated error message when enabling remoting or simulation without the Windows Mixed Reality package installed. (1157272)


2D: Fixed an issue where Sprite Atlases are modified after building. (1203619)
Android: Added support gfx device command line arguments in release builds. (1195061)
Android: Fixed an issue with particle rendering when using the Light Weight Render Pipeline with Vulkan on Android. (1126887)
Android: Fixed an issue with poor physics performance on ARM64 on certain devices with power mode disabled. (1186295)
Android: Fixed black screen when project is configured for linear rendering with 16 backbuffer. (1152322)
Android: Fixed Vulkan feature usage declaration in Android manifest. (1198652)
Apple TV: Fixed an issue whereTouchScreenKeyboard.visible does not get set to false when the keyboard is dismissed on tvOS. (1171490)
Asset Import: Changed import errors for .sbsar files to warnings, changed warning for psd matte to info. (1184085)
Asset Pipeline: Fixed an assert thrown during RecompressAssetBundleAsync. (1193306, 1195067)
Editor: Fixed an assembly lockup issue in the Windows Editor when certain dialogs or progress bars were active. (1191378)
Editor: Increased the length limit on the menu names from 127 to 255. (1196971)
Graphics: Fixed a sporadic crash when using GraphicsJobs with Vulkan. (1194077)
Graphics: Fixed an issue where race condition in Vulkan GpuProgram loading when using GraphicsJobs.
Graphics: Fixed Texture Streaming with Native jobs on PS4.
Graphics: Reset current RT to override currently stored store actions. (1188663)
IL2CPP: Fixed secure string allocation on Windows platforms. (1183660)
IL2CPP: Fixed the behavior of network interface detection code on iOS. (1191670)
IL2CPP: Improved the performance of job methods on Microsoft platforms. (1196765)
IL2CPP: Prevented a possible crash on shutdown when script debugging is enabled on macOS. (1186518)
iOS: Added support for iPad 7 generation. (1196002)
iOS: Fixed an issue where GUI.RepeatButton returns true only when the button is released. (1187026)
iOS: Fixed an issue where the crash reporter would crash if Unity failed to initialize correctly. (1145982)
macOS: Fixed Mac Standalone build not containing .meta files inside native plugin bundles. (1178777)
Package Manager: Fixed an issue that prevented the Package Manager from writing the project manifest file if the project was stored on an SMB network share. (1172278)
Package Manager: Fixed an issue where a misconfigured registry could write files to arbitrary locations outside the package cache.
Package Manager: Fixed an issue where adding a package would fail if a conflict was found in one of its dependencies.
Package Manager: Fixed an issue where adding a package would succeed even if one of its direct or indirect dependencies was missing, resulting in a broken project.
Package Manager: Fixed an issue where the Asset Database did not always reimport a packaged asset that was modified by updating a package.
Package Manager: Fixed timeout and network robustness issues.
Package Manager: Fixed undefined behavior resulting from concurrent operations.
Package Manager: Fixed various issues around Git-based packages, including URL handling and Git-LFS handling.
Package Manager: Fixed various issues that could lead to corrupted packages in projects (e.g. interrupting the package installation process could leave the project cache in a broken state).
Particles: Fixed a crash when using scripted simulation on nested hierarchies due to threading race condition. (1194538)
Particles: Fixed a particle crash due to uninitialized currentSize array. (1197761)
Particles: Fixed a particle rendering when using cmd.DrawRendered and context.ExecuteCommandBuffer. (1195214)
Particles: Improved behaviour of Enable Roll checkbox. (1081596)
Prefabs: Fixed an issue where duplicated child nested prefab is not created in the same position. (1157320)
Prefabs: Fixed an issue where removed components on nested prefabs could reappear when applying subsequent modifications. (1185746)
Scripting: Fixed a crash due to random memory corruption. (1204409)
Scripting: Fixed a crash that may occur when using stackalloc. (1172987)
Scripting: Fixed an issue where ScreenCapture.CaptureScreenshot is not working properly with Physical cameras when superSize > 1. (1192257)
Scripting: Fixed Class hierarchies with UnityEvent properties not being properly discovered by the editor inspector. (1196591)
Timeline: Fixed an issue where Timeline Window lock state when restarting Unity and no timeline is selected. (1201405)
UI: Fixed an issue where EventSystem not being created when an EventSystem prefab was loaded but not in the scene. (1200002)
UI: Fixed an issue where Nested Canvases using the wrong display id when calculating the ProjectionMatrix. (1199299)
UI: Fixed sorting when rendering Camera and World space canvases on multiple displays. Screen space UI would cause Z testing to be disabled for any displays that were rendered after that display. (1199369)
Version Control: Fixed an issue where save project being very slow when there are a lot of changed assets and a slow Perforce connection. (1170253)
Version Control: Fixed an issue where Version Control window open slows down various VCS operations. (991427)
Video: Fixed an issue on Windows 7 where VideoPlayer.Prepare causing a stack overflow crash if Video is loaded from asset bundle. (1190915)
Web: Disabled warning on non-local unity api connections if api key was not provided. (1198465)
WebGL: Disabled unnecessary default canvas event for "on drag" WebGL. (1190839)
WebGL: Fixed an issue where in WebGL builds Canvas Rect Mask 2D component was not working properly. (1014187)
WebGL: Fixed file access issues when using DownloadHandlerFile on WebGL. (1189549)
Windows: Fixed an issue where primary display leaving fullscreen when 2nd display activated. (1207918)
XR: Fixed OnApplicationPause events when using HolographicPauseOnTrackingLoss. (1192322)
Package Manager: Changed the package installation process to no longer set package directories and files as read-only on disk. This prevents all sorts of possible corruption scenarios (e.g. read-only directories, partially-read-only packages in the package cache) and avoids some permission issues when removing packages.
Package Manager: Changed the package installation process to systematically revert packages to their original state. Note: this has the side-effect of actively reverting local modifications in immutable packages, which could previously be kept until the dependency was updated to a different version of the package. In order to preserve local changes, a package should first be [embedded in the project](
Package Manager: Added support for configuring additional SSL certificate authorities, including self-signed certificates. See the [Unity Manual]( for more information on how to use this.
Package Manager: Added support for Git URLs with the SCP format (e.g. [email protected]/user/repo).
Package Manager: Added support for Git URLs without a trailing .git by using git:// URLs or prepending git+ to URLs (e.g. git+
Package Manager: Added support for tarball-based dependencies (e.g. "file:.tgz").
Package Manager: Changed the UnityEditor.PackageManager.Client.Add method to make the @ prefix optional when adding Git-based dependencies and local dependencies (file:).
Package Manager: Reduced the amount of data transferred over the network when fetching package metadata from the registry.
Multiplayer: Added UNET encryption support.


Android: Fixed application paths (dataPath, streamingAssetsPath) to point to base apk when App Bundle is used. (1183912)
Android: Set opaque windows for unset translucency attribute. (1104092)
Animation: Fixed editor crash with WalkTypeTree when enforcing T-Pose to avatar after clearing all bones mapping. (1092815)
Deployment Management: Worker threads for Enlighten are not set up when launching a Server Build. (1131677)
Editor: Fixec creating an empty array in EditorBuildSettings.scenes crashing the Editor. (1162941)
Graphics: Fixed an issue where per-platform QualitySettings could be stripped on disk when entering Playmode. (1136244)
Graphics: Fixed for GPU memory leak when deleting a texture while async upload in progress. (1174689)
Graphics: Fixed performance regression in Editor when processing shaders with errors. (1193998)
IL2CPP: Correctly convert certain large negative decimal values to integers on iOS. (1178651)
IL2CPP: Fixed float and double to int conversion for some values. (1186125)
IL2CPP: Fixed incorrect codegen when converting unsafe methods that use void* types. (1188101)
IL2CPP: Prevented a possible crash in the debugger when many web requests are started at the same time. (1189520)
iOS: Backported a method in trunk that fixed rotation issues for native popup windows. (1169189)
iOS: Fixed AVCaptureSession initialized if permission to camera has been explicitly denied by the user. (1160639)
iOS: Fixed crash when forcing Upside Down orientation on devices that don't support it. (1192949)
macOS: Fixed a rare crash issue with the Editor build when creating or closing new windows. (1151695)
Particles: Don't allow bounds to be dirtied during culling callbacks, because it's too late to apply such changes for the current frame. (1191755)
Scripting: Keep built in assemblies after player builds when switching back to editor. (1199323)


2D: Fixed sprites atlas storing hash changes when atlas is built on a different machine. (1186887)
AI: Fixed issue where changes in the bounds of the build sources causes UpdateNavMeshData() to be slow as it regenerate more portions of the NavMesh than necessary. (1183826)
Android: Fixed Android cutout in non fullscreen mode and split view. (1183674)
Android: Fixed the functionality of FatalError and AccessViolation ForcedCrashCategory's on POSIX platforms. (1142726)
Asset Pipeline: Fixed re-serialization making changes to Nested Prefabs. (1162736)
Editor: Added support for async method execution in batch mode. (1146672)
Editor: Fixed "stackTraceLogType" command line argument. (1181994)
Editor: Fixed a performance regression in the test runner api result reporting, introduced in 2018.3. (1109865)
Editor: Fixed bug where crash reports wouldn't be available. (1192488)
Editor: Fixed crash when calling RenderTexture.ReleaseTemporary twice for same texture. (1091561)
Editor: Fixed crash when calling TextureImporter.ReadTextureSettings with a null argument. (1187147)
Editor: Fixed editor crash on switching target platform when project contains a dll asset with a define constraint. (1164392)
Editor: Fixed Editor freeze if Profiler is unable to connect to Player. (1008321)
Editor: Fixed UnityEngine.MinAttribute not restricting the value of a variable when using the Inspector window. (1183703)
Graphics: Fixed an issue where Meshes with Keep Quads enabled would not be rendered. (1179051)
Graphics: Fixed crash in dynamic batching when mesh still has indices but misses vertex data. (1158179)
Graphics: Fixed sprite artifacts in Metal Editor support. (1184453)
iOS: Automatically Sign setting in Editor and Xcode project is now in Sync, and the default Automatically Sign setting in Editor is now set to False. (1170274)
iOS: Fixed accelerometer not completely decoupled from gyroscope as it should be. (1085244)
iOS: Fixed incorrect dpi shown on iPhone 11 pro. (1187030)
macOS: [MacOS] Fixed issue where you could not switch to Windowed mode via script when Allow FullScreen option was disabled. (1080571)
Mobile: Fixed issue 1154440, aspect ratio will be respected properly on devices running Android 7.0 and below as well as 8.0 and above now. (1154440)
Package Manager: Fixed packages not correctly loaded if the project path contained non-ASCII characters. (1186344)
Physics: Fixed a crash that happened when a MeshCollider overlapping a trigger got its sharedMesh set to null and then immediately destroyed. (1155827)
Physics: Fixed an issue with Cloth where changing a SkinnedMeshRenderer's Mesh would cause the Editor to crash. (1162918)
Profiler: Fixed an issue where console errors appear while displaying UI Details in the profiler window. (1190589)
Profiler: Fixed CPU profiler changing it's view type back to Timeline on entering PlayMode. (1175479)
Profiler: Fixed Profiler Window reopening to CPU Profiler Details pane when all charts are closed. (1185208)
SceneManager: Fixed editor crash when using terrainData.splatPrototypes and Terrain's layer assets aren't found View on Crashes HQ. (1143775)
Scripting: 50% GC allocation improvement in logging methods. (1174548)
Scripting: Fixed crash when calling System.Diagnostics.Process APIs after domain reload. (1194176)
Shaders: Fixed broken shaders on asset bundles built with 2017 or older version of Unity. (1195750)
Terrain: Terrain loaded via Asset Bundles & Player data retains and consumes it's own shader list and falls back to Shader. Find only when an error occurs. (1122023)
Timeline: Fixed copying a Control Clip during play mode throwing exceptions. (1141581)
UI: Fixed CanvasRenderer's not respecting current sorting layer / sibling order. (1176348)
Version Control: Fixed for a bug where ignored/unmapped files in Perforce workspaces would cause logspam to appear when selected. (1148796)
Windows: Fixed 'localhost' not excluded from Proxy causing Editor components to fail. (1194537)
Windows: Multi-display: Fixed non-primary display aspect ratio in windowed mode. (1134231)
XR: Fixed Holographic Emulation Window remoting bug that caused Unity to remote to Hololens 1 devices when Hololens 2 was selected.
XR: Fixed remoting to V2 devices from UWP x64 apps.
XR: Updated to Oculus 1.38 plugin and added support for valid tracking poses even when devices aren't fully tracked. (1197386)


2D: Material and Sorting Layer fields of Sprite Renderer Component do not show Prefab Overrides in Inspector updated SortingLayerFields and SpriteRendererEditor to handle PrefabOverrides properly. (1109376, 1169621)
Android: Added ability to disable generation when building apk or aab.
Android: Fixed an Android 10 video player bug, when playing local and external files. (1168329, 1190827)
Android: Fixed an Android video player crash. (1166265, 1181383)
Android: Fixed Input.GetKey returning false when S-Pen is being used on Samsung device. (1185531, 1191907)
Android: Fixed the grab pass's temp texture output while in linear space to be of same color as the background and not brighter, given HDR is on. (1088699, 1189764)
Animation: Fixed crash in AnimationClip when classID parameter hasn't been set for curve. (1176555, 1189725)
Apple TV: B' button ignores 'allowExitToHome' value on certain GamePads after the first suspend of the app. (1179727, 1181542)
Apple TV: Fixed crash on UnityGetJoystickName when calling GetJoystickNames and disconnecting/connecting controller. (1181481, 1191408)
Asset Import: Fixed crashes handling corrupt prefabs. (1131957, 1154248)
Audio: Fixed mixing when an audio mixer playable is set as the source for an audio playable output without specifying a traversal port. (1179486, 1194768)
Build Pipeline: Added flag kTypeIsEditorOnly trait to allow items to be pulled into build data depending on the situation. (1190029, 1193004)
Editor: Corrected UTF8 clipping in truncate function, resolves occasional editor crash when changing variable fields with non-latin characters their name. (1178558, 1195140)
Editor: Default Native Resolution checkbox is ignored if custom resolution was set before. (1183011, 1191388)
Editor: Fixed a problem in the PersistentManager where it's global state can in some situations become corrupted. (1178508, 1193358)
Editor: Fixed crash when importing videos on a machine with more than 16 cores.
Editor: Fixed incorrect handling of Unicode characters that use 2 bytes in the application file name when building the Player. (1169358, 1173301)
Editor: Fixed play mode freezes for some time after pressing any hotkey. (1185757, 1186916)
Graphics: Don't set the dirty state on LineRenderers when updating properties with identical values. (1179048, 1189607)
Graphics: Fixed crash in VFXExpressionContainer::EvaluateExpressions when the Count of a Sequential Circle is 0 (and integer division by zero in general). (1167222, 1175179)
Graphics: Fixed displayed color is lighter after calling Camera.Render() or RenderDontRestore(). (1169586, 1170436)
iOS: Fixed autocorrect not working with the touchscreen keyboard. (1183034, 1192982)
iOS: Fixed crash on malformed file:// URI in UnityWebRequest. (1183600, 1189511)
iOS: Fixed identification of iPad 6th (it used to be identified as iPadPro10Inch2Genor or iPadUnknown with iOS.Device.generation. (1065983, 1144363)
iOS: Fixing an issue where the keyboard could not be dismissed and keyboard input stopped after device sleep. (1187333, 1190313)
iOS: Gave proxy drawable textures names and made them not be backed by memory if they're not in use. (1167629, 1188479)
Mobile: Fixed an issue that caused a black screen when enabling or disabling real-time light at runtime on Vulkan when using multiple render passes with MSAA. (1144830, 1169512)
Particles: Apply Transform changes immediately when using scripted Emission. (1181119, 1189606)
Particles: Apply Vertex Streams button in the Standard Particle Shader UI now correctly applies changes to Prefabs. (1180096, 1189605)
Particles: Fixed crash when switching from Ribbon to Particles mode in the Trail module. (1184316, 1189601)
Particles: Fixed inherit size option on sub-emitter when parent system is using non-uniform size. (1185614, 1189604)
Particles: Fixed normals and tangents being wrong in various particle setups. (1179834, 1189595)
Physics: Fixed crash that happened during simulation right after destroying a hierarchy of GOs that had nested Rigidbody components attached. (1122684, 1158547)
Physics: Fixed issue with RaycastNonAlloc getting stripped when PhysicsRayster required it, i.e. Using MaxRayInteractions value more than 0 doesn't work. (1076650, 1188674)
Prefabs: Fixed really old prefabs not being correctly activated. (1138224, 1178759)
Prefabs: Made sure FindObjectsOfType does not find prefab assets objects during prefab import. (1159905, 1178763)
Prefabs: Properly handle file with .prefab extension even though they are not prefabs. (1164341, 1178761)
Profiler: Fixed "Other" Category not shown in Charts and hiding VSync time (1165477, 1189044)
Profiler: Fixed Timeline View not using a ColorSafe Palette (1101387, 1189042)
Timeline: Fixed an issue where Playable Director's "Playable" field was missing the prefab override contextual menu. (1167365, 1170064)
Timeline: Fixed issue where Animation Events were fired twice when the Playable Director Wrap mode is set to Loop. (1173281, 1185452)
Timeline: Fixed issue with Control Track that were not destroying the sub-graph when preview mode was toggled off. (1156913, 1170716, 1174991, 1175073)
Timeline: Fixed Repaint being called every frame when Timeline window is opened and a Playable Director is added to a GameObject. (1172707, 1181761)
Web: Added additional logging in case of failure. (1101441, 1188384)
XR: Fixed Hololens 2 camera snapshots not containing Unity app content.


Android: Fixed application crash when application is installed on SD card, and was built using app bundles, will contain new entry 'android.bundle.enableUncompressedNativeLibs=false'. (1181365, 1186613)
Asset Import: Fixed issue where curves and metaballs are not imported from .blend files. (1173931, 1176203)
Asset Import: Fixed Produce a warning and prevent warnings spamming when trying to insert menu item when the insertion limit is reached. (1181898, 1186710)
Audio: Fixed audio playing even when there is no Audio Listener in the scene. (1087981, 1188163)
Cache Server: Fixed video clip failing to upload to Cache Server when upgrading an old project to a newer version of Unity. (1087082, 1172067)
Editor: Added a mechanism for displaying an error message when any of the recent projects contain an invalid or missing Project Version file. (1002683, 1173320)
Graphics: Ensure correct topology is set before rendering HDR split. (1178259, 1186864)
Graphics: Fixed shader compiler crash on some tessellation shaders without proper target pragma. (1162342, 1175187)
IL2CPP: Support the latest Xcode version installed on the host computer when a Standalone OSX player is built. (1188330)
Scripting: Fixed bug where editor would fail to load correctly when an invalid or missing timezone was set in the windows registry. (1169719, 1185237)
Scripting: Fixed file handle/memory leak when loading Asset Bundles through UnityWebRequest. (1152567, 1186935)
UI: Fixed dragging when using multiple displays for Sliders, Scrollbars and InputField. (1146233, 1183705)
UI: Fixed Input Field not functioning after restoring app with Win+D shortcut. (1165961, 1189841)
UTR: In PlayerConnection and EditionConnection added TrySend(...) and changed Send(...) so it always deliver data. (1160182, 1181134)
WebGL: Fixed WebGL Brotli compression subdirectory "python" lacking permissions for Group and Other. (1042108, 1162668)
XR: Added device name for HoloLens 2. (1161756, 1188263)
XR: Fixed an issue that was causing the depth buffer to lag the color buffer in Windows MR. (1191487, 1191494)
XR: Fixed SPI shader issue that was causing the right depth buffer to have the left depth buffer data. (1190927)


AI: Fixed issue with NavMesh carving that prevents paths from passing in-between two obstacles placed at particular positions near tile borders. (1154946, 1185085)
Android: Fixed Webrequest "Unknown error". (1153466, 1166838)
Animation: Fixed users being able to add properties in the animation window when the game object's hierarchy does not match the Animator's human avatar. (1162335, 1174965)
Asset Import: Fixed issue where read-only "FBX" file would be corrupted after changing one of its materials and undoing. (1120097, 1173380)
Editor: Added right handed copy/paste shortcuts to Editor. (1132112, 1178900)
Editor: Fixed an issue where marquee selection always selected Assets loaded from a bundle. (1158173, 1171892)
Editor: Fixed an issue which was preventing users from setting the camera background colour for PreviewRenderUtility windows. (1176854, 1184030)
Editor: Fixed crash when Editor has no previous projects. (1188617)
Editor: Fixed inspector stuttering when scrolling through the large serialize list. (1131250, 1143717)
Editor: Fixed VU meter display on custom audio filter behaviours with custom editors. (1117744, 1167706)
Graphics: Fixed some Isometric Tiles are not Rendered on the Tilemap when using "Chunk" Mode on the Tilemap Renderer. (1127579, 1151158)
Graphics: Removed 4G cap on Texture mip streaming budget. (1147394, 1150743)
IL2CPP: Corrected the behavior of Marshal.OffsetOf for byval arrays of types with 4 byte alignment when they are not the first field in a struct. (1182074, 1183947)
iOS: Fixed errors with building Xcode project with ENABLE_ON_DEMAND_RESOURCES enabled. (1140420, 1183997)
Networking: Fixed disposing WWW object that has been yield returned from coroutine. (1117213, 1172824)
Package Manager: Fixed package tests been only added when making a package testable and adding a dummy package. (1135941, 1178931)
Particles: Fixed crash when using Graphics.ExecuteCommandBuffer with a disabled ParticleSystemRenderer component. (1176567, 1178873)
Physics: Fixed crash that happened when an inactive child body was unparented and activated. (1123490, 1183718)
Physics: Fixed incorrect use of initial rotation of Rigidbody2D connected via a HingeJoint2D. (1160213, 1185636)
Profiler: Fixed metadata loading from the saved profiler data file. (1150495, 1178021)
Scripting: Fixed assembly assets not having the correct icon in the editor. (1163732, 1164073)
Scripting: Fixed custom editors not working when adding non-editor only assembly definition, unless the user reimports all assets. (1172669, 1183676)
Scripting: Reduced memory fragmentation when using Profiler Window. (1168484, 1178120)
Scripting: Trigger script compilation when define symbols or allow unsafe code are modified from a external tool. (1171967, 1178936)
Scripting: When we was looking for execute mode, we called mscorlib GetCustomAttributes, this was reinitializing the ScriptableSingleton. Causing multiple instances of the singleton to be initialized. Mono would throw an error about this. (1113071, 1162629)
Terrain: Fixed issue where the Terrain Brush Inspector was spamming undo events. (1170735, 1174721)
Terrain: Fixed the Remove Light Probe Ringing setting not being serialized and undoable. (1093751, 1148730)
Themes: Fixed generic menu issue related to incorrect grouping of child menu item's when parent menu item contains space (" ") as its last character. (1116792, 1130265)
UI: Fixed the UnityEvent property drawer showing UnityEvents in private properties correctly. (1178687, 1186175)
Universal Windows Platform: Fixes missing Pen input data with new Input System. (1168844, 1182996)
Universal Windows Platform: Fixes Xbox DPad not working in new Input System. (1168836, 1183002)
WebGL: Removed indexedDB access timeout for WebGL Loader. (1134367, 1186784)
XR: Fixed instability in Depth based LSR for HoloLens V1 devices. (1174865, 1186976)
XR: Fixed Render Viewport Scale Jitter when render viewport scale changes continuously. (1153261, 1154496)


Backwards Compatibility Breaking Changes
Android: Improve error messages for cases where android application fails to load Previously it was printing "Unable to find main", now it will print "Failed to load '', the application will terminate.", additionally it will print exception from System.loadLibrary with detailed info, where the application was looking for
Graphics: Optimised Cluster Rendering networking.
2D: Fixed crash on packing variant atlas after deleting sprite belonging to the master atlas. (1141327, 1176208)
Android: Fixed AtlasPacker not respecting ETC2 fallback build settings on Android. (1170597, 1171485)
Android: Fixed issue when detecting latest Android build tools SDK version. (1174507, 1181077)
Android: Workaround Mali geometry working set memory limitation by splitting up render passes when needed. (1056056, 1184723)
Asset Pipeline: Fixed race condition crash when loading asset bundles from managed streams. (1135251, 1157659)
Editor: Added a mechanism for displaying an error message when any of the recent projects contain an invalid or missing ProjectSettings.txt file. (1002683, 1173320)
Editor: Fixed an issue where clip edit mode clutch keys got stuck when holding multiple keys simultaneously. (1097216, 1162943)
Editor: Improved the project building dialogue to provide more information for material/shader building. (1090892, 1154483)
GI: Fixed UI issue that prevents user from selecting any probes in editing mode. (1167457, 1178286)
Graphics: Fixed issue where Vulkan implementation of Texture2D.SetPixels may pipeline stall. (1141239, 1181736)
Graphics: Fixed screen space shadow errors when using dynamic resolution. (1141225, 1156622)
IMGUI: Fix IMGUI wordwrap flickering. (1089911, 1170538)
iOS: Fixed Deprecated API Usage warning for using UIWebView when submitting Builds to the App Store Connect. (1180664, 1182273)
iOS: Fixed UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend is deprecated in iOS 13. (1160614, 1165495)
iOS: Fixed USYM_UPLOAD_AUTH_TOKEN thrown in Xcode when the Project is built in BatchMode with -runTests and Cloud Diagnostics. (1167025, 1178677)
Linux: Fixed Input.GetAxis returning intensified values compared to Windows when running a built project. (1176709, 1184940)
Particles: Ensured ParticleSystem.SetParticles applies new particle sizes immediately. (1179889, 1179892)
Particles: Fixed animation bindings for the Orbital Velocity properties. (1173552, 1175489)
Particles: Fixed assert message spam when using orthographic cameras and a Particle System with 0 scale along the Z axis. (1178477, 1180565)
Particles: Fixed crash in WorldCollision function when spawning particles (1168859, 1175297)
Particles: Fixed particle sprite batching. (1173610, 1175551)
Particles: Fixed regression in internal math library causing some particle rotations to be represented incorrectly. (1163414, 1178392)
Particles: Fixed regression when trying to use Material Proeprty Blocks with Particle Systems. (1174499, 1175556)
Particles: Fixed Start Delay if system is paused and resumed before the Start Delay has expired. (1178403, 1179673)
Particles: Support rendering lines/trails using orthographic cameras with negative near plane values. (1169997, 1185083)
Profiler: Fixed lost custom samplers on some platforms, added runtime tests. (1160669, 1171186)
Scripting Upgrade: Fixed sizes for System.Numerics types. (1118631, 1183613)
Shaders: Added new surface shader pragma "nocolormask" to prevent auto-generating ColorMask. This way user can override the ColorMask with their own. (1174789, 1180404)
UI: Fixed CanvasGroup Interactable field value not being applied on to the elements created as an in-direct child. (1030987, 1153162)
Universal Windows Platform: Fixed Build & Run with Visual Studio 2019. (1158603, 1178951)
Universal Windows Platform: Fixed occasional sharing violations on ".NETCore,Version=v5.0.AssemblyAttributes.cs" file when building player with .NET scripting backend. (1178466)
Universal Windows Platform: Visual Studio solution generated when targeting Visual Studio 2019 will now correctly use v142 C++ toolset. (1166131, 1178920)
Version Control: Asset Store package installation now tries to open Assets for edit in Version Control where they are being replaced.. (1178410, 1179970)
WebGL: Fixed modifier keys for simulated mouse events in WebGL. (1143387, 1175994)
Windows: Fixed Screen.fullscreenMode returning garbage value on Windows Editor. (1178561, 1178909)
Windows: Fixed TLS handshake Windows/UWP when root certificate is trusted by the system but not yet in it's certificate store. (1076758, 1175308)


XR: Added a protected context option to the Oculus Android settings that should only be enabled when you know that you require a protected graphics context (typically for DRM video). (1180363)
XR: Added a V2 signing option to the Oculus Android settings that should be used when building for Quest, and disabled when building for Go and GearVR. (1180363)
2D: Fixed issue where TextureImporter's meta file might get changed when reimporting with no settings changed in the importer. (1092018, 1179240)
2D: Fixed Sprite Atlas being checked out in Perforce after entering Play Mode and exiting Editor. (1164347, 1169629)
Analytics: Analytics found that the device screen size is always reported as the application render size on Android/iOS and cpu architecture is wrong for Android arm64 devices that are running 32 bit binaries. (1160171, 1160174)
Android: Fix floating point render target on Android 4. (1149616, 1177516)
Android: Fixed right-clicks from Bluetooth mouse not being registered in Android. (1168711, 1171440)
Android: Removed the use of all audio engine functions that will be grey-listed or black-listed in Android Q. (1176717, 1176718)
Animation: Fixed Undo operation of "Add Motion" in the Blend Tree graph UI. (1134780, 1164019)
Asset Bundle: Fixed for Loading dependent AssetBundles fails to deserialize some scripts on Standalone builds. (1154172, 1175281)
Asset Import: Fixed a crash in the FBX Importer when calculating tangents on a blendshape that has infinite values in vertex positions. (1152354, 1161953)
Asset Import: Fixed serialised body mask data to not append itself on each re-import. (1164193, 1164597)
Asset Management: Fixed for New ScriptableObject variable references are not reloaded when changing branch in VCS until Editor is restarted. (1153117, 1173885)
Build Pipeline: Fixed SBP out of memory crash. (1158643, 1160714)
DX12: Fixes to avoid using slow scratch memory ( also reduces debug messages ). (1174364, 1174684)
Editor: Fix editor window min-max size info propagation and mouse events outside the window (1169663, 1181709)
Editor: Fix editor window min-max size info propagation and mouse events outside the window (1143721, 1181710)
Editor: Fixed Layout save did not load correctly. (1122565, 1162020)
Editor: Fixed the issue with NullReferenceException when previewing assets on Unity Package import. (1148966, 1159900)
GI: Fixed broken bake in Editor with additive loaded scenes. (1138556, 1167606)
Graphics: Fix CommandBuffer.SetShadowSamplingMode code typo. (1143760, 1156782)
IL2CPP: Avoid exception related to loading libc on platforms that don't support it. (1022228, 1178372)
IL2CPP: Correct the behavior of SendFile on Windows. (1171712, 1176954)
IL2CPP: Correct the reference count behavior for SafeHandle marshaling with out parameters. (1175211, 1177746)
IL2CPP: Prevent the creation of GC logs in non-development players. (1164367, 1178088)
iOS: Fixed keyboard type not always changing when switching controls. (1154527, 1165457)
iOS: Fixed simulator build on xcode11 beta (metal headers were added) - now we use headers if available instead of forcibly declaring symbols. (1163876, 1170513)
Mobile: Fixed cases where displaying Standalone player on second display would cause developer console to display twice. (1064308, 1158709)
Particles: Fixed ParticleSystem bounds calculations when using stretched particles and a negative velocity scale. (1160531, 1163756)
Particles: Fixed ParticleSystem prewarm not locating WindZones, ForceFields and Colliders during Awake. (1122824, 1164547)
Prefabs: It's now possible to edit the root GameObject of a Prefab directly from the Project browser without going into Prefab Mode. This supports multi-object editing as well. (1120805, 1160289)
Profiler: Fixed "Requested frame does not exists" exception thrown on clearing data while looking at UI Module. (1160622, 1164655)
Profiler: Fixed memory leak caused by the job debugger holding onto the scheduled fences. (1156327, 1180028)
Scripting: Allow UnityLinker to run properly on FAT32 partitions on macOS. (1166108, 1168250)
Scripting: Fixed crash when inspecting large collections in debugger. (1130912, 1171511)
Scripting: Fixed issue where System.Data.Odbc library was not found correctly on Windows. (1156912, 1173921)
Scripting: Fixed issue with "Assembly has duplicate references" error not listing the duplicate references correctly. (1132593, 1150069)
Scripting: Fixed issue with "Multiple precompiled assemblies with the same name" error not listing the paths of the precompiled assemblies. (1138754, 1150062)
Scripting: Fixed logging ETW events from the editor and players. (1084396, 1173497)
Scripting: Fixed port numbers returned from GetActiveTcpConnections on Windows are not correct. (1165578, 1174668)
Scripting: Remove "m_TypeName" from UnityEventBase class as this information can be recovered from the reflection system post-serialisation. (833543, 1171865)
Terrain: Fixed issue where in case of creating from script terrain using instance rendering didn't stop shader stripping from removing instanced variant of terrain shader. (1139655, 1141811)
Terrain: Re-instated Terrain shortcut keys. (1155153, 1167230)
Timeline: Fixed duration mode not reverting from "Fixed Length" to "Based On Clips" properly.
Timeline: Fixed playhead being moved when applying undo while recording.
Timeline: Fixed warnings about localEulerAnglesRaw when using RectTransform.
Version Control: Fixed logging when files/folders in the Unity project are excluded from the Perforce client workspace. (1143683, 1145764)
Windows: Fixed logging ETW events from the editor and players. (1084396, 1173497)
XR: Fixed incorrect ordering for TangoUpdate in early update for ARCore. (1175133, 1178430)
XR: Fixed Surface Observer to correct memory handling and stop potential crashes on exit. (1176047, 1176064)


2D: Sprite packing improvements for certain sprite arrangements. (1002004, 1174641)
Android: Changed the message to be more clear for the end user when local storage is full. (1171893, 1174692)
Android: Fixed performance penalty when using Vulkan on Android Q preview 5. (1169046, 1174595)
Animation: Expose keyframe reduction options on GameObjectRecorder.SaveToClip(). (1166522, 1169816)
Animation: Fixed fetching of AnimationClip in override controller for Asset Bundles when AnimationClip is not yet loaded. (1165817, 1169827)
Asset Import: Fixed assets saved from Excel, Word and similar applications failing to import correctly. (1037669, 1158652)
Asset Import: Updated file opening to use FILE_SHARE_READ | FILE_SHARE_WRITE | FILE_SHARE_DELETE share mode when opening file for read on Windows.
Build Pipeline: Fixed a crash on Standalone Player when assets with Editor only serialized properties. (1144591, 1165737)
Build Pipeline: Fixed sprite sheets in asset bundles built by scriptable build pipeline crash on access. (1146568, 1167255)
Deployment Management: Fixed an issue with throwing BuildFailedException from a build callback not failing the build. (1097286, 1159247)
Editor: "Unsupported image when converting for NSImage" log is now a DebugAssert, which will prevent the assert from being logged on build machines. (1171194, 1172201)
Editor: Fixed an error message when calling AssetDatabase.ImportPackage on a package that contains scripts. (1158305, 1165964)
Editor: Fixed gradient editor window closing automatically when clicking on color picker. (1059666, 1161112)
Editor: Fixed in issue where selecting a shader and viewing it in the inspector would cause materials to be kept around longer than required. (1162855, 1174895)
Editor: Fixed incorrect colorspace for IMGUI in GameView. (1168191, 1173824)
Editor: Fixed occasional crash when importing Compute Shaders for Metal (1171627, 1175330)
Editor: Optimized the search for removed components for nested prefab. (1137064, 1159019)
Graphics: Fixed an issue generating small mipmap levels for some DXTn/BCn formats. (1153511, 1169239)
Graphics: Fixed excessive stripping of shaders without users keywords resulting in missing usage of vertex components and discarding them. (914736, 1149321)
Graphics: Fixed issue which would cause the bounding box of a cloth component to be miscalculated. (879696, 1153167)
Graphics: Fixed rare deadlock in CreateGpuProgram when multithreaded rendering is enabled on mobile devices. (1164492, 1174041)
IL2CPP: Fixed an issue with IL2CPP not returning null when calling Activator.CreateInstance() with a nullable type, which is the expected behavior when compared to Mono and .NET. (1172280, 1173453)
IL2CPP: Fixed an issue with IL2CPP where casting a negative float to an unsigned integer type would produce different results between x86 and ARM platforms. (1166109, 1173699)
Kernel: Fixed player crash due to stack overflow in Loading.PreloadManager thread. (1162496, 1176882)
Licenses: Added the ability to configure Licensing Client connection timeout values. (1171494, 1171498)
Mobile: Fixed Android resolution changing in split-screen mode. (1145325, 1160383)
Package Manager: Fixed an issue where updating a package in a project could fail with a permission error. (1174911, 1175427)
Particles: Fixed a case where particle trails could flicker if their owning system used ParticleSystem.SetParticles in script during LateUpdate. (1155826, 1171471)
Particles: Fixed a crash if using a non-read-write mesh from an Asset Bundle in the Particle System Shape Module. (1167081, 1171474)
Particles: Fixed case where Auto Random Seed was ignored for the Emission Rate property. (1166733, 1171469)
Particles: Fixed case where trails sometiems did not disappear. (1162394, 1171478)
Particles: Fixed erroneous GetTransformInfoExpectUpToDate message. (1098990, 1171480)
Physics: Fixed bodies not following their parent sometimes. (1140632, 1155357)
Physics: Fixed crash that happened during simulation right after destroying a hierarchy of GOs that had nested Rigidbody components attached. (1122684, 1158547)
Physics2D: Fixed implicitly created static ground-body beign shown in the static body count in the profiler 2D physics area. (1143465, 1148739)
Prefabs: Fixed GameObjects and components with a DontSave flag (specifically DontSaveInEditor) showing up in the Prefab overrides dropdown since they don't get applied or reverted anyway. (1173465, 1175220)
ps4: Fixed redirected webrequests. (1174833, 1176142)
Scripting: Fixed issue with Assembly Definition File inspector not showing if Name field is empty. (1153357, 1158576)
Scripting: Fixed issue with SerializedProperty.objectReferenceInstanceIDValue emitting asserts to the console. (1169801, 1171722)
Scripting: Fixed serializedProperty.objectReferenceInstanceIDValue returns 0 for missing asset references. (1151910, 1157283)
UI: Fixed issue with null TransformHierarchy while Updating RectTransform. (1102234, 1158045)
UI: Fixed UI scaling incorrectly when using Constant Physical Size mode on android device. (1136224, 1161879)
Vulkan: Fixed memory leak when using Vulkan. (1137290, 1148725)
WebGL: Fixed Xbox One Gamepad triggers are not working in WebGL builds. (873218, 1173466)
Windows: Fixed an animation bug in the PlayerSettings editor when it is included in the Universal Settings window. (1152070, 1158002)
Windows: Fixed UnityWebRequest so it'll honor the network Proxy 'bypass list' from Windows configuration. (1165762, 1172900)
XR: Fixed being unable to save world anchors to the store using holographic simulate in editor. (1156868, 1163556)
XR: Fixed device apis coming back with incorrect values in Simulation. (1158726, 1163550)
XR: Fixed editor crash when using holographic emulator with hololens. (1141385, 1163561)
XR: Fixed hands selection no longer being controllable from script. (1152960, 1163553)
XR: Fixed null dereference when accessing to vr eye texture manager instance. (1115371, 1171506)
XR: Fixed WMR devices asserting when playing in editor. (1159961, 1159962)
XR: Prevented Hololens application pausing when switching focus to a 2D view within a running application.


macOS: Fixes an issue with macOS Catalina that causes Unity to request permission to receive keyboard input when using other apps in both the editor and standalone player. (1172758)


Backwards Compatibility Breaking Changes
Apple TV: Remove support for Universal Harmony Remote, supporting this controller made Siri Remote and gamepads regrees by producing unintended double events for button clicks. For more information check pressesBegan/pressesEnd functions.
XR: Updated Vuforia to version 8.3.8.
Android: Fixed Application.Quit not correctly quitting the application process, previously it would only destroy Unity runtime, keeping activity alive, that lead to incorrect application resume. (1171368, 1172044)
Apple TV: Fixed GetKeyDown and GetKeyUp not working correctly with Siri Remote buttons. Due to platform limitation, GetKeyDown, GetKeyUp will work with delay when receiving events from keyboard, see documentation for more info. (1143342, 1160636)
Apple TV: Fixed pressing menu button on Siri remote not correctly exiting to home screen, if tvOS.Remote.allowExitToHome is set to true. (1134856, 1160637)
Apple TV: Fixed regression, where clicking B on gamepad would show "JoystickButton0" as pressed. (1151006, 1160635)
Asset Pipeline: Fixed sprite atlas sprites being included in asset bundles multiple times. (1121868, 1170282)
Editor: Fixed an issue where tests with the inconclusive result would stop the test run from continue. (1169256)
Editor: Fixed errors in the Avatar Editor when trying to use Sliders in Per-Muscle settings. (1165907, 1166608)
Editor: Fixed frame debugger sometimes showing bad shader keyword info when connected to a player. (1070614, 1171676)
Editor: Fixed leaking GUITexture blit materials when entering playmode. (1150933, 1167659)
Editor: Fixed null reference exception when dragging reorderable list items. (1154282, 1170299)
Editor: Fixed the console errors and editor crash after executing a domain reload. (1136303, 1138320)
Graphics: Fixed shadow culling when camera and frustum are almost perpendicular. (1150849, 1163073)
Graphics: Improved performance of "CullAllVisibleLights" ~5x for scenes with many baked lights. (1087657, 1170209)
IL2CPP: Fixed an issue with nested type metadata being re-initialized without checking for previous initialization, which caused a memory leak in certain situations. (1167380, 1171266)
IL2CPP: Fixed crash when many threadpool threads or sockets are in use. (1129409, 1168718)
LWRP: Added the ability for SRPs to override the shadows flag used by the culling. (1131348, 1162484)
macOS: Fixed an issue where GCController might return incorrect values when used in a native plugin. (1145433, 1152870)
Package Manager: Fixed an issue where the execute file mode of packaged files was suppressed, which prevented executables in packages from running on macOS and Linux. (1154433, 1172897)
Package Manager: Fixed issues where a package could contain read-only folders if the installation process was interrupted, which would make it difficult to delete parent folders without advanced file manipulations.
Shaders: Improved generation of GLSL Tessellation shaders in more situations. (1134172, 1166874)
UI: Fixed issue where TextMesh with just a empty quad would crash. (1158732, 1161981)
Video: Fixed seeking forward and backwards in a video causes sound delays on Android. (1167452, 1168864)
Windows: Fixed deadlock on startup on systems with a certain group policy configuration. (1150661, 1170794)
Windows: Fixed OpenGL graphics API crashing on certain monitor configurations. (1147157, 1170790)
Windows: Fixed resolution reverting to native refresh rate after losing focus in exclusive full screen mode. (1164372, 1170788)
Windows: Fixed switching to exclusive full screen from full screen other modes not respecting specified refresh rate. (1164373, 1170783)
Windows: Fixed window being "Always on top" after switching from exclusive full screen to windowed full screen mode. (1157039, 1170782)
XR: Fix issue with Depth Based LSR on HoloLens V2 that caused significant jitter. (1169760, 1169763)


Version Control: Added "Overwrite Failed Checkout Assets" editor setting, turning it off makes unity not overwrite files that can't be checked out. (1010999, 1158593)
2D: Fixed the rendering for edges on Spriteshape sometimes not happening when building on PS4. (1156882, 1163913)
AI: Fixed issue with NavMeshAgent getting stuck when the NavMesh changes near its long path. (1144525, 1164801)
Android: Fixed Android Ads Id is used even when the Ads / Analytics services are disabled. (1164278, 1164301)
Asset Import: Fixed Sprite Mask Sorting Layer resetting to default when asset is loaded from asset bundle. (1119829, 1153003)
Editor: Fixed field of view stuck on a small Game window in the corner when Cursor.lockState is set to CursorLockMode.Locked. (1134503, 1170439)
GI: Fixed UVOverlap preview textures not displaying when manually generating lighting. (1087688, 1138408)
IL2CPP: Implement the Environment:GetBundledMachineConfig method to always return a null string. (1154761, 1161051)
IL2CPP: Improve the managed thread pool performance on Posix platforms. (1161926, 1162481)
IL2CPP: Making RuntimeHelpers.IsReferenceOrContainsReferences call a generation-time intrinsic that will output a "false" or "true" boolean value to the C++ code. This greatly speeds up some .NET container classes that make use of this method. (1143169, 1159224)
Linux: Fixed Editor window focus issues causing editor tests to fail. (1157976, 1160803)
Linux: Fixed Linux standalone player touch events for IMGUI. (1106839, 1142855)
Linux: Fixed some resolutions in fullscreen not able to be set under Linux Ubuntu. (1105102, 1170440)
Physics: Fixed a crash in the 2D physics manager on iOS upon start-up when Physics2D package is disabled. (1080899, 1116405)
Physics: Fixed crash when destroying Colliders that had OnCollisionStay scripts attached. (1113545, 1167373)
Scripting: Fix repeated errors when handling malformed UTF16 strings in the Editor. (1142830)
Services: Improved support for Apple arm64e devices in Cloud Diagnostics. (1155437, 1163837)
TextMeshPro: Fixed Importing font files such as WingDing.ttf displays error message due to incorrect internal handling of font glyph data. (1167004, 1170434)
TextMeshPro: Fixed incorrect TextMesh Pro Glyph Pair Adjustment values when using SDF8 / SDF16 / SDF32 render modes. (1167008, 1170435)
TextMeshPro: Fixed unnecessary allocation in FontEngine resulting from use of Mathf.Max with more than 2 parameters. (1167011, 1170433)
UI: Changed editor preference behavior to only update modified values in the plist file on MacOS. (1117481, 1153452)
UnityLinker: Fixed a crash that could occur when a method has an unmanaged constraint. (1158632, 1165037)
Version Control: Fixed Unity writing to assets that can't be checked out. (1010999, 1159204)
Video: Fixed crash on WindowsVideoMedia::CopyToRGBA when importing video file. (1154547, 1168727)
Video: Fixed VideoPlayer hanging when seeking backwards/forwards while pausing. (1166927)
WebRequest: Fixed TLS handshake renegotiation requests by the server not supported. (1141642, 1146143)
XR: Fixed InteractionManager not clearing connceted controller list from last play mode session. (1137312, 1170445)


Android: Android Gradle plugin version updated up to 3.4.
Android: Gradle version updated up to 5.1.1.
Animation: Fixed argument exception being thrown when legacy clip is used with AnimationClipPlayable. (1100643, 1164704)
Animation: Fixed out of bounds index in mecanim value array causing crash. (1144501, 1155340)
Animation: Fixed prefab import of animator with dangling references. (1154048, 1160256)
Asset Import: Fixed an issue where AssetPostprocessor::GetVersion() did not affect AssetDependencyHash on first import. (1146482, 1152920)
Asset Import: Fixed an issue where if a mesh asset has no vertex data, the import crashes in some cases. (1144169, 1150809)
Asset Import: Fixed texture import setting alpha is transparency value not resetting to default when switching to Default texture type. (1117308, 1150835)
Editor: Fixed crash on quit in UNITY_FT_Done_Face when using large prefab with TextMesh. (1075972, 1140677)
Editor: Fixed crash when idling in editor related to hash calculation. (1108314, 1147408)
Editor: Fixed game view scale in play mode for mobile platforms. (1140742, 1151176)
Editor: Fixed project settings not focusing when menu item is selected and window is already docked. (1150481)
Editor: Fixed stop button in audio clip preview panel. (1154598, 1166936)
Editor: Fixed the scale error by updating the scale once the platform is switched. (918311, 1153434)
GI: Fixed a potential baking crash when objects HideFlags are configured. (1064691, 1155173)
Graphics: Fixed crash that can occur when accessing the MeshFilter.mesh property when the mesh is loaded via the async upload manager. (1124524, 1158404)
Graphics: Fixed rare crash with GPU skinning and blendshapes. (1097227, 1138459)
Graphics: Fixed RenderTexture RenderTextureMemoryless.MSAA when using OpenGL ES. (1154687, 1160507)
IL2CPP: Added support for NamedPipeClientStream on Windows platforms. (1159863, 1160512)
OSX: Fixed scrolling sensitivity being too high in game. (1162791, 1163888)
Particles: Fixed editor crashes with WorldCollision when Spawning Particles. (1155477, 1162837)
Particles: Fixed Particle System sorting unstable when Sort Mode is set to By Distance. (1154497, 1162834)
Particles: Fixed Particle System trails changing their size randomly when there is a Realtime Reflection Probe in the Scene. (1117520, 1162817)
Particles: Fixed Particle Systems being scaled incorrectly when using Velocity render alignment. (1149730, 1162831)
Particles: Fixed some ParticleSystems using the wrong texture when several of them are being rendered with different Textures. (1148610, 1162828)
Prefabs: Fixed skybox and lighting for Prefab Mode environment scenes not working correctly. This requires the lighting settings of the environment scene to have Auto Bake disabled. (1112978, 1146201)
SceneManager: Documentation of SaveAsPrefab now has a note about namebased replace. (1152708, 1153977)
SceneManager: Fixed drag and drop replacing of prefab when dragging variant to project folder. (1152704, 1153980)
SceneManager: Fixed Scene view skybox toggle not working in Prefab Mode if no Prefab editing environment scene is specified. (1153083, 1154311)
Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash during Asset GC with large managed collections. (1137077, 1165939)
Scripting Upgrade: Fixed crash during async debugging. (1153078, 1165511)
Shaders: Fixed surface shader include dependency handling on shader errors. (1002833, 1141229)
Universal Windows Platform: Fixed InvalidOperationException is being thrown in Master build. (1137193, 1137193)
Universal Windows Platform: Fixed reference rewriter complaining about managed code referencing fields from winmd files when those fields are of types that project to CLR from Windows Runtime. (1146307, 1159989)
Universal Windows Platform: Fixed UnityEngine.WSA.Application.windowActivated and UnityEngine.WSA.Application.windowSizeChanged events not firing. (1146982, 1159984)
Version Control: Fixed Prefab Editor overwriting files which are exclusively checked out in Version Control. (1027165, 1150747)
Windows: Fixed builds that use IL2CPP scripting backend not starting on Windows 7. (1166764, 1167009)
XR: Fixed an issued with Android app bundles which could cause XR Subsystems to fail to register. This would cause, for example, pose tracking to fail in ARFoundation. (1162654, 1162655)


2D Fixed artifacts when rendering with TilemapRenderer while 2D Animation Package is in the Project. (1154202)
2D Fixed ETC texture compression Split Alpha Channel not working for SpiteAtlas Variants. (1126070)
Android Fixed TouchScreenKeyboard.hideInput not hiding the input field. (1158215)
Android Added support to modify Unity Player command line arguments from custom UnityPlayerActivity. (1158838)
Android Fixed missing UI and render texture glitches after restarting the game. (1145018)
Animation Fixed Bezier curve segments conversion to Hermite when evaluating Animation Curves with weighted tangents. (1143424)
Animation Fixed position keyframing when in root motion with scale values. (1158974)
Asset Pipeline Fixed an edge case where loading identically named assets by type could fail. (1156154)
Editor Enabled new licensing system for selected customers. (1162261)
Editor Fixed a case where a Version Controlled Project would not update ProjectSettings/ProjectVersion.txt on editor start. (1131599)
Editor Fixed crash while setting version control mode to visible meta files. (1128867)
Editor Fixed import of Complete Project category Asset Store Packages from 2018.1-2018.3, which could break Package Manager configuration in the importing project. (1139264)
Graphics Fixed Video Player Leaks GfxDriver Memory. (1136233)
IL2CPP Corrected loading of static field initializer data when the field is of type ReadOnlySpan. (1146277)
IL2CPP Fixed an issue in the IL2CPP runtime that can cause intermittent crashes when dealing with certain kinds of generic method metadata. (1145468)
IL2CPP Fixed code generation for multidimensional arrays used as fields of structs. (1155344)
IL2CPP Fixed Stopwatch not working correctly across system time changes on iOS and macOS. (1152381)
IL2CPP Fixed the behavior of Bind a Unix socket on Posix platforms. (1150549)
IL2CPP Fixed UnityTls being incorrectly stripped with Medium and High Managed Stripping Levels. (1134343)
IL2CPP Prevented a hang during async write operations on Windows platforms. (1156384)
IL2CPP Prevented a memory leak when interfaces are set up for doubly nested arrays. (1151219)
OSX Fixed the editor crash while calling GetVSyncsPerSecond() during playmode. (1148335)
Particles Ensured Particle System Sprites render using the correct color. (1110578)
Particles Fixed a crash when using an invalid Texture in the Particle System Shape module. (1144240)
Particles Fixed an issue where the Particle System Inspector can become slow after editing its material but not saving the changes. (1154688)
Particles Improved parameter clamping in the External Forces module, to prevent/allow negative values where appropriate. (1144031)
Physics Fixed any hit being returned by MeshCollider.Raycast instead of the closest one. (1136868)
Physics Fixed crash that happened when passing a zero direction vector to batched physics queries. (1134317)
Physics Fixed issue with bounds in SkinnedMeshRenderer. (1153167)
Prefabs Fixed drag-select in Prefab Mode selects GameObjects with Gizmos in any loaded scene. (1140279)
Prefabs Fixed error message when deleting prefab asset whilst it is open in the Prefab Editor and version control is enabled. (1086613)
Prefabs Fixed nested Canvases not getting treated as nested Canvases in Prefab Mode if the Canvas had no visual elements (CanvasRenderers) under it. This could cause properties to get reset due to being driven as a Screen Space Canvas. (1103699)
Prefabs Fixed Prefab Mode reparenting to root GameObject by dragging is broken after having changed transform type. (1142496)
PS4 Fixed for occasionaly incorrect particle texturing. (1150123)
Scripting Fixed an issue where references to UnityEditor.iOS.Xcode might not be added to Visual Studio project files. (1151078)
Scripting Fixed Asmdef Inspector breaking when the dll reference is missing. (1139847)
Scripting Fixed problem in namespace parser regarding reading nested classes inside partial monobehaviour. (1148723)
Services Ensured Crash Reporting doesn't capture log messages that occur after the exception being reported. (1140382)
Shaders Fixed runtime shader load performance regression by removing randomish up-front warmup of all subshaders. (1105268)
Timeline Fixed Empty Timeline window leaks object. (1154475)
Timeline Fixed Timeline Editing > TrimEnd does not update until exiting and entering Preview Mode. (1156717)
Universal Windows Platform Fixed "Unable to find method Internal_ScriptableRuntimeReflectionSystemWrapper_Tick" error on startup on .NET scripting backend. (1146945)
Universal Windows Platform Fixed files in StreamingAssets directory not being treated as generic data files and therefore not getting consumed by various VS tools like the XAML compiler. (1110262)
Universal Windows Platform Fixed System.IO APIs not working on files outside of application and AppData directories on IL2CPP scripting backend. (1063768)
Version Control Fixed Script Execution Order inspector "Apply" button in some cases throwing errors under Perforce. (1153207)
Video Fixed VideoPlayer audio sync issues on Windows. (1145040)
Video Fixed VideoPlayer hanging when seeking backwards or forwards on Android. (1160422)
Web Fixed encoding support in url escaping. (1152780)
Windows Fixed locked cursor getting placed slightly off center in the editor and the standalone player. (824304)
XR Fixed crash when resizing player window after switching from non-VR ro VR. (1148813)
XR Fixed incorrect window used as anchor when switching away from on screen keyboard on HoloLens. (1156228)


XR: Added GPU Profiler support for Oculus Quest and Oculus Go.
XR: Updated Vuforia to version 8.1.11.
2D: Fixed sprite Atlases being packed by entering Play Mode when Sprite Packer Mode is set to "Enabled for builds". (1136349, 1148721)
Animation: Fixed a crash when animating optimized hierarchies with constant animated properties. (1142636, 1150606)
Asset Bundle: Fixed an issue where an "Inconsistent asset" error was logged during BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles. (1138140, 1139331)
Asset Import: Fixed the root node of a model importer preset not visible and editable. (1144441, 1150228)
Build Pipeline: Fixed assets in Editor/Resources folders sometimes being included in builds. (1138237, 1150572)
Build Pipeline: Fixed Empty Project builds for Mac/Win/Linux Standalone containing extra ~4MB of doc .xml files. (1112215, 1125590)
Editor: Fixed "ArgumentException: Could not find item with id:" that could sometimes occurs when modifying points in the LineRenderer editor. (1143748, 1148722)
Editor: Fixed editor crashing with Transform::GetPosition when duplicating Prefabs with Configurable Joints. (1137347, 1152740)
Editor: Fixed editor not reacting to .meta file changes regarding Asset Bundles when .meta file was changed while the editor is exiting. (1126293, 1141492)
Editor: Fixed GameObject preview flickering on Mac. (1132433, 1150246)
Editor: Fixed host local address not validated on GET HTTP request. (1146895, 1152793)
Editor: Fixed reverting files in Collab occasionally displaying a blank message. (1151178, 1151183)
Graphics: Fixed editor and etandalone hangs after shutdown when running C# Jobs within a ScriptableRenderPipeline. (1142765, 1152343)
Graphics: Fixed editor crashing at MaterialScripting::Lerp when Renderer.material.Lerp() has a null material. (1093930, 1100678)
Graphics: Fixed hang during shutdown which could happen when running C# Jobs within a ScriptableRenderPipeline. (1142765, 1150775)
IL2CPP: Corrected handling of exceptions in some try/finally situations. (1136256, 1152172)
IL2CPP: Fixed AppleTlsProvider error on iOS when Strip Engine Code is enabled caused by incorrectly falling back to AppleTlsProvider. (1134343, 1154767)
IL2CPP: Handled the this reference passed to a method via an in parameter. (1143749, 1160357)
Mobile: Fixed unconditionally discarding AA depth. (1009642, 1145255)
OSX: Fixed Empty Project builds for Mac/Win/Linux Standalone contain extra ~4MB of doc .xml files. (1112215, 1125589)
OSX: Fixed smooth scrolling not supported when a trackpad or magic mouse is being used. (1144634, 1150081)
Particles: Ensured Force Fields belonging to disabled Game Objects do not affect any Particle Systems. (1149364, 1156006)
Particles: Ensured particle trails start from exact particle spawning position. (1147999, 1156008)
Particles: Fixed flickering sub-emitter trails if sub-emitter particles are cleared before Particle System finishes playing. (1146677, 1156009)
Particles: Fixed particle random numbers not being the same on all platforms. (1138802, 1148728)
Particles: Fixed the glitches when rendering trails and using Custom Simulation Space together. (1092072, 1156005)
Particles: Fixed the jitter when updating position in LateUpdate and using Custom Simulation Space. (1149016, 1156010)
Physics: Fixed Raycasts hitt the second layer of the Mesh Collider when the first layer is thin. (1136868, 1144347)
Physics: Fixed Unity crashing when using C# batched Raycast requests containing invalid direction data (0,0,0). (1134317, 1144345)
Prefabs: Ensured duplicated prefabs retain transform values and other overrides. (1132860, 1152360)
Prefabs: Fixed crash when duplicating prefabs with ConfigurableJoints. (1137347, 1152361)
Prefabs: Fixed editor crashing when selecting a prefab variant. (1113802, 1152733)
Prefabs: Fixed Game Objects being moved to different place when duplicating prefabs. (1132860, 1152739)
Prefabs: Fixed importing badly broken prefab variants where components could be assigned to multiple GameObjects. (1113802, 1152363)
Profiler: Fixed incorrect memory reported for render texture. (1094084, 1151143)
SceneManager: Fixed sprites referencing both the original Sprite assets and Sprite Atlas resulting in increased memory usage. (1135495, 1151116)
Timeline: Fixed timelines not being played correctly when building a player with Mono and Managed Stripping Level set higher than Low. (1133182, 1150585)
Video: Fixed crash when trying to Play a VideoPlayer when running with -nographics. (1150850, 1155990)
VR: Fixed head-tracking and rendering for in-editor remoting to HoloLens devices. (1138473, 1144519)
Windows: Fixed documentation summary in Visual Studio not being shown. (1148065, 1150451)
Windows: Fixed Standalone Player remaining paused/inactive after using WIN+D shortcut to restore the app window. (1117930, 1147082)
XR: Fixed app memory leak when open for extended periods of time. (1138251, 1149352)
XR: Fixed assert in gesture source states when asking for sources states and there are none. (1152462, 1156186)
XR: Fixed Camera.Render() incorrectly rendering to a RenderTexture when VR is enabled. (986355, 1158264)
XR: Fixed crash when transitioning to Windows Mixed Reality VR Mode from non-VR. (1150910, 1152533)
XR: Fixed Google VR package removal when Cardboard or Daydream is still in the VR Device list. (1127443, 1139416)
XR: Fixed OpenVR package failing to download when Virtual Reality is enabled for new projects. (1082031, 1139418)
XR: Prevented potential null pointer access in Windows Mixed Reality. (1152855, 1152860)


2D: Fixed an issue where sprites could disappear while moving in the tile palette. (1133841, 1151096)
Android: Fixed "Error walking path" errors thrown after completing a build and having Crash and Exception Reporting enabled. (1108365, 1154266)
Android: Fixed black bar shown on Android9+ devices without notch when in non-fullscreen mode. (1144669, 1148771)
Android: Fixed occasional crash on Moto G when using split binary and loading Asset Bundles from StreamingAssets. (1145139, 1150056)
Android: Fixed VideoPlayer hanging or starting from the beginning at double speed when seeking on Android. (1141913, 1150101)
Animation: Fixed animation jobs SetPosition/SetLocalPosition not working on humanoid transform for rig with translation DoF ON. (1103108, 1150538)
Asset Import: Fixed an issue where some kinds of assets might not refresh after an Editor restart using ADB v1. (1140289, 1149024)
Asset Pipeline: Fixed crash/data corruption when loading multiple asset bundles concurrently. (1140019, 1148846)
Audio: Fixed an audio playables crash at shutdown. (1107760, 1127465)
Editor: Fixed an issue where meshes passed to static batcher can arrive in a different order on different PCs. This will help ensure that asset bundle generation is deterministic for static batched mesh. (1098137, 1149327)
Editor: Fixed collab disabling itself when network disconnects. (1095539, 1149138)
GI: Fixed we don't check if a point is behind the camera or not. These point should not be included in the selection. (1129856, 1143128)
Graphics: Fixed missing draws when using an uninitialized RenderTexture. (1107219, 1123844)
iOS: Fixed crash in "ParkFMODResource() at AudioMixerPlayable" or "ReleaseChannelGroupsVisitor() at AudioPlayable". (1107760, 1118388)
OSX: Fixed the icon at 128x128 being corrupt in MacOS build. (1038984, 1132658)
Package Manager: Fixed an issue where package tarball files could not be extracted when the target path contained non-latin characters. (1124257, 1144685)
Player: Libpng library upgraded to version 1.6.36. (1141755, 1154270)
Player: Zlib library upgraded to version 1.2.11. (1141751, 1148306)
Prefabs: Fixed opening a broken legacy Prefab asset with an orphan GameObject shows a recursive dialog (hangs the Editor). (1115859, 1148996)
SceneManager: Fixed CameraStackRenderingState::ReleaseResources crashing when exiting play mode. (969092, 978066)
Scripting: Fixed issue with "Menu can't be checked because it doesn't exist" warning being emitted when deleting a checked menu item script. (1136169, 1136821)
Scripting Upgrade: Fixed AssemblyUpdater Mono.Cecil.AssemblyResolutionException exception in some scenarios. (1141972, 1154294)
Services: Ensure symbols are captured correctly on Android. (1108365, 1140379)
Services: Ensure symbols are captured correctly on iOS. (1109548, 1140376)
Services: Fixed crash in signal handler on Android IL2CPP ARM64. (1038107, 1154264)
Terrain: Fixed the terrain inspector being disabled even after the initial inspector was closed. (1117658, 1143635)
Timeline: Fixed timeline with an disabled Audio Source causes Editor Crash when exiting play mode. (930758, 957973)
Universal Windows Platform: Fixed a crash when a scene contains a timeline with an animation playing in it on .NET scripting backend. (1141825, 1154297)
Universal Windows Platform: Fixed an issue where scripts in Unity were compiled against incorrect .NET profile on .NET scripting backend. This would result in errors like "The type 'Dns' exists in both 'System.Net.NameResolution, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' and 'WinRTLegacy, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'". (1144565, 1154295)
Version Control: Fixed Smart Merge producing duplicate data for some arrays. (1139083, 1150382)
Video: Fixed VideoPlayer time/frame becoming invalid during seek operation. (1154368, 1154755)
Windows: Fixed issue where high-poll-rate mice were causing performance degradation in the Editor on Windows. (1117360, 1144459)
XR: Fixed CommandBuffers not work w/ MSAA and VR. (906203, 1154269)
XR: Fixed potential hang on exit issue with HoloLens applications when OS signals suspend during exit. (1124435, 1150682)
XR: Fixed upside-down rendering in MultiPass on Rift with Windows OpenGL Standalone player. (1016162, 1154268)


Android: Added support for supplementary Unicode characters for UnitySendMessage. (1059652)
Android: Fixed Android Screen.safeArea coordinate system to be in screen space. (1148415)
Android: Fixed gradle build failure with Android SDK Build-Tools 29-rc1. (1142929)
Animation: Fixed float values not being animated when PPtr references were also in animated bindings. (1143168)
Animation: Fixed integer values not being animated when PPtr references were also in animated bindings. (1079856)
Asset Import: Fixed .meta files with a "UTF-8" BOM causing the YAML parser to freeze Unity. (1145011)
Asset Import: Fixed issue with blendshape normals being recalculated when the blendshape normal import option is set to 'None'. (1140797)
Audio: Fixed clip preview autoplay in the object selector. (1126745)
Editor: Fixed bug that disabled the availability of having rsp files inside Packages correctly. (1138462)
Editor: Fixed crash when creating Presets of AudioManager settings and then modifying AudioManager. (1141203)
Editor: Fixed incorrect URL being shown in UV overlap warning message. (1124652)
Editor: Fixed the preview pane in the object selector.
Facebook: Fixed Facebook GameRoom sometimes faiing when target is Standalone. (1144847)
GI: Fixed race condition in Enlighten data loading during additive scene loading that leads to a crash in the standalone player. (1141632)
Graphics: Fixed Texture2DMSArray SRV on DX11. (1130212)
IL2CPP: Added support for the MethodImplOptions.NoOptimization C# attribute. (1124061)
IL2CPP: Fixed a build failure that would occur when targeting UWP w/ il2cpp while using a Managed Stripping Level of High. (1137227)
IL2CPP: Fixed an intermittent crash when a managed exception occurs on a back ground thread while the process is shutting down.
IL2CPP: Fixed some assemblies missing symbol files after building with the Medium or High Managed Stripping Level. (1142732)
IL2CPP: Fixed the overwriting of a copy of a generic by ref argument that uses specifically crafted IL bytecode. (1140509)
iOS: Fixed issue where app hangs when synchronously loading asset bundles. (1115979)
iOS: Fixed player crash at decode_alpha_selectors_etc when decoding a crunched ETC texture. (1139387)
iOS: Fixed plugins not being imported correctly on iOS when "Automatically Add Capabilities" is disabled. (1142626)
Mobile: Fixed TargetFPS and vSyncCount has no effect on the actual FPS on Razer phones. (1078663)
PS4: Fixed indirect draws occasionally causing a soft hang. (1148617)
Testing: Fixed TearDown and UnityTearDown getting called on base class first. (1143077)
UI Elements: Fixed script field not editable when script is missing. (1144332)
Windows: Fixed maximized Standalone window going to fullscreen. (1137204)
XR: Fixed a CPU core configuration issue on Oculus Quest that resulted in too many job threads spinning up. (1150332)
XR: Improved performance for WIndows MR by using newer presentation APIs from Microsoft. (1148816)

Доп. информация (на сайте разработчика):

Что такое LTS Release

Долгосрочная поддержка
Долгосрочные версии (LTS) рассчитаны на пользователей, желающих продолжать разрабатывать и выпускать свои игры/контент, оставаясь на стабильной версии более долгий период времени.
Долгосрочная версия не будут иметь никаких новых функций или возможностей, изменений API или улучшений. В ней будут только исправления сбоев, регрессий и проблем, влияющих на широкое сообщество, таких как проблемы пользователей с кооперативной поддержкой, проблемы с консольными SDK/XDK и крупные проблемы, препятствующие широкому кругу пользователей выпускать свои игры. Каждая долгосрочная версия будет поддерживаться в течение двух лет.

Системные требования

Для разработки
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1+, 8, 10, 64-bit versions only; Mac OS X 10.11+. Серверные версии Windows & OS X не протестированы.
  • Центральный процессор: поддержка набора инструкций SSE2.
  • Графический процессор: видеокарта с поддержкой DX10 (версия шейдеров 4.0).
  • Остальное зависит, главным образом, от сложности ваших проектов.
Дополнительные требования к платформе разработки:
  • iOS: компьютер Mac под управлением macOS версии не ниже 10.12.6 и Xcode 9.0 или выше.
  • Android: Android SDK и Java Development Kit (JDK); IL2CPP-скриптинг для бэкенда требует Android NDK.
  • Универсальная платформа Windows: Windows 10 (64-разрядная), Visual Studio 2015 с компонентами C++ или более поздней версии и пакет SDK для Windows 10
Для запуска игр Unity
Вообще говоря, контент, разработанный на Unity, будет идти достаточно гладко везде. А насколько хорошо - это зависит от сложности вашего проекта. Более детальные требования:
  • Настольная система:
    • OS: Windows 7 SP1+, Mac OS X 10.11+, Ubuntu 12.04+, SteamOS+.
    • Видеокарта с поддержкой DX10 (версия шейдеров 4.0).
    • Центральный процессор: поддержка набора инструкций SSE2.
  • iOS player requires iOS 9.0 or higher.
  • Android: OS 4.1 или более поздняя версия; ARMv7 CPU с поддержкой NEON или Atom CPU; OpenGL ES 2.0 или более поздняя версия.
  • WebGL: любая актуальная версия Firefox, Chrome, Edge или Safari для настольных компьютеров.
  • Универсальная платформа Windows: Windows 10 и графическая карта с поддержкой DX10 (шейдерная модель 4.0)

Содержимое раздачи

addons - встроенные шейдеры, Facebook Gameroom
crack - лекарство
crack\old - лекарства для предыдущих билдов
support - модули для компиляции под разные платформы
UnitySetup64-2018.4.17f1.exe - установщик Unity

Установка и лечение

1. Установить Unity
2. Установить стандартные ассеты.
3. Скопировать с заменой файл Unity.exe из папки crack в папку редактора Unity (при установке на диск С: - C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor\)
4. Скопировать файл лицензии Unity_lic.ulf из папки crack в папку C:\ProgramData\Unity\
4.1 Если на диске С: нет папки ProgramData, включить показ скрытых файлов.
4.2 Если в папке С:\ProgramData нет папки Unity, создать её.
5. Запустить Unity для проверки.
6. Установить неодходимые вам модули поддержки и дополнения.


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